This is why we do what we do…

“I just wanted to thank you again for all the help this summer with paying for camp!  Zaydin had wonderful summer because of you and it was amazing to see him make friends and look forward to everyday.  It’s people like you that deserve a huge thank you for all you do to help kids in foster care. ” 

Alice N, Foster Family Assist Recipient

Foster Family is an amazing resource. Their mission definitely coincides with the work I do every day. I love that we share the same passion for helping foster families and ensuring fewer foster care disruptions by providing help. The work they do helps me better support my families. I wish I knew about this service long ago because they have become my go-to resource when a family is in need. They have helped several of my families who in turn were able to provide better care to the children in their home without the added stress. Foster care is the hardest job in the child welfare division, but FFA has helped many families to have a better experience.

Foster Care Program, Children and Family Services Department, ADAMS COUNTY, COLORADO