This is why we do what we do…

“Foster Family Assist has been wonderful to our family! We have been reimbursed for training courses, babysitting, so that we could have a date night, and they even brought my family a big casserole for dinner after I had surgery and needed a little help. These things mean so much to our family and make our fostering experience better!”

— Lena, El Paso County foster parent

“My husband and I have been foster parents for almost two years and we knew it was going to be tough, although we had no idea how tough it was going to be. We take older children because we felt called by God to take the kids who are toughest to place, sadly the older the child, the harder it is to find a family who will take them.


The struggles these children bring into your home are overwhelming and draining. The calling of being a foster parent is challenging, it truly is sacrificial living. To be able to take some time and rest even for just a few hours a week by getting respite care is imperative, to take time to refresh is what helps us to keep going. Thank you so much for the assistance you give us, we literally could not do what we do for these children without your help! Your respite care assistance has been life changing! God bless!”

Crystal, El Paso County foster parent