Creating Stability for Foster Children.

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Mission statement

To increase placement stability for Colorado’s foster children through the provision of supportive goods and services to foster families.

Vision statement

Within the next five years, Foster Family Assist will cut foster care disruption by 50% in the State of Colorado.


Strengths-based: We understand that foster parents are the experts on their own needs. By asking the foster parent HOW we can help, instead of telling them WHAT we will do, we give them the message that we are listening and ready to provide for our precious resources: foster families.

Inclusive: Foster Family Assist intends to offer assistance to every foster family in Colorado, regardless of location, size of family, or age or difficulty of their foster child.

Collaborative: This success of this intervention will depend on collaboration with Departments of Human Services, Child Placement Agencies, small businesses, community members and foster families themselves.

Sustainable: As communities become more aware of the needs of foster families, resources will increase, and reliance on support from outside funding will decrease. More local assistance in the form of babysitters/mother’s helpers/transportation help will be identified, and foster parents can share these identified resources.

Foster parent retention will increase when foster families know they can get the support they need. Getting the message out about foster care on a local level can also assist the community in recruiting additional foster parents.